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March 27 2015

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Darian Sperry 180 lb (81.65 kg) snatch

Jesus christ

The guys in the background though


BIRD: I eat things your size, but not like you
CAT: I eat things like you, but not your size




"well, it seems we are at an impasse."

"so we are. carry on, cat"

"same to you, bird."

They literally were in an awkward situation

I love how the bird leaves like “well, I best be hitting the dusty trail”

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March 19 2015


sometimes when I see anime clothes i just

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We need more women like this

My reblog was pretty aggressive on this one

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February 18 2015

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i laughed so hard at the “i don’t know” and “something is wrong”

the twilight one is like abstract poetry

If you read it all together it’s like the most awkward, tense conversation ever.

"My name is Katniss Everdeen," I sighed. Nothing happened.

"I don’t know," he sighed.

Harry looked around, I shake my head and shrugged.

Harry stared. “I am seventeen years old.”

I frowned and he waited.

"My home is District 12."

Harry chuckled and said nothing. Now I wish I had.

I laughed. We looked at each other. I swallowed hard. He shrugged. Harry blinked and hesitates. I flinched.

He looked around. “I’m not really surprised.”

I took a deep breath, something he didn’t have last time. “Something is wrong.”

He didn’t answer. He stood up.


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February 17 2015

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Same height party

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February 09 2015

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He says that KKK members have many misconceptions about black people, which stem mostly from intense brainwashing in the home. When the Klansmen get to know him, he says, it becomes impossible for them to hold on to their prejudices. He explains:

This Klansman and I were riding around in my car and the topic of crime came up. He made the remark that all black people had a gene that makes us violent. I said ‘Gary, what are you talking about?’ He said ‘Who’s doing all the shootings?’ I said ‘let me tell you something, I am as black as anyone you’ve ever seen and I’ve never done a drive by or a shooting.’ After a time I said ‘you know, it’s a fact that all white people have within them a gene that makes them serial killers. Name me three black serial killers.’ He could not do it. I said ‘you have the gene. It’s just latent.’ He said ‘well that’s stupid’ I said ‘it’s just as stupid as what you said to me.’ He was very quiet after that and I know it was sinking in.

(Full Article)

(Fact Source) Follow **Ultrafacts **for more facts



Man sometimes Maryland is hella badass

The thing that’s interesting about this is, if you read up on how he does it… The big thing is that he listens to them and lets them say their stupid shit. He sometimes argues with them, but he also lets them talk about stuff and ask questions, and guess what, it works.

Guy’s got >20 sets of klan robes in his closet that people have sent him when they decided to quit the Klan.

This guy is a great example of why I think being polite to people you think are wrong is an effective strategy.

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a woman in a burka, and…she’s fighting the…Taliban, one book and pen at a time. Introducing Burka Avenger, Pakistan’s first animated superheroine, who, like her American counterparts, leads two lives. By day she’s a “mild-mannered school teacher,” but her secret avatar is the “lady in black” who is always there to save Pakistani girls from the members of the aggressively conservative, anti-literacy Taliban.


YOU GUYS there is an entire episode on BurkaAvenger.com go watch it’s adorable and this lady is a badass

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February 08 2015

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I was searching for this picture even I didn’t know its existence

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February 06 2015

I’m just gonna put this out there



Rereblogging because Jen Williams (SennyDreadful on Twitter) was talking about how awesome early TNG was, and it reminded me of this.

Yup, that’s a dude in a mini-dress uniform (or possibly a non-binary ensign in a mini-dress uniform) casually walking by in front of two poc ladies holding hands, in what 1987 thought the future could be.

Remember when we thought equality was something we were gradually building towards?

I mean, I know they were still a long way off from a gay main character, but you can see they were dreaming about going somewhere more radical.

RIP mini-dress uniform for all body-types.

In Search of the Happiness Max, I'm just gonna put this out there
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This GIF has won the internet.
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