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He says that KKK members have many misconceptions about black people, which stem mostly from intense brainwashing in the home. When the Klansmen get to know him, he says, it becomes impossible for them to hold on to their prejudices. He explains:

This Klansman and I were riding around in my car and the topic of crime came up. He made the remark that all black people had a gene that makes us violent. I said ‘Gary, what are you talking about?’ He said ‘Who’s doing all the shootings?’ I said ‘let me tell you something, I am as black as anyone you’ve ever seen and I’ve never done a drive by or a shooting.’ After a time I said ‘you know, it’s a fact that all white people have within them a gene that makes them serial killers. Name me three black serial killers.’ He could not do it. I said ‘you have the gene. It’s just latent.’ He said ‘well that’s stupid’ I said ‘it’s just as stupid as what you said to me.’ He was very quiet after that and I know it was sinking in.

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Man sometimes Maryland is hella badass

The thing that’s interesting about this is, if you read up on how he does it… The big thing is that he listens to them and lets them say their stupid shit. He sometimes argues with them, but he also lets them talk about stuff and ask questions, and guess what, it works.

Guy’s got >20 sets of klan robes in his closet that people have sent him when they decided to quit the Klan.

This guy is a great example of why I think being polite to people you think are wrong is an effective strategy.

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